ButcherBox Acquires Truffle Shuffle

Direct-to-consumer brand purchases Shark Tank success story from Mark Cuban’s investment portfolio.

May 1, 2024 – WATERTOWN, MA – ButcherBox, the leading direct-to-consumer meat and seafood brand, announced today the acquisition of Truffle Shuffle, a virtual cook-along-experience platform. The acquisition aims to boost cooking confidence in consumers across the United States, as well as within the ButcherBox community, as the company embraces media and community as part of its overall strategy while continuing to serve its mission of transforming the meat industry.

Founded by former French Laundry chefs, Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce, Truffle Shuffle hosts on-demand cooking classes, led by Michelin chefs, with exclusive ingredient kits and a goal of giving consumers the ability to transform their home cooking into an extraordinary gourmet experience. Cooking classes range from recipes like pan-seared ribeye for weeknight meals to more in-depth braising for dinner parties as well as tips and tricks focused on knife sharpening & wielding skills, mastering seasonings and sauces, and much more.
“The Truffle Shuffle team has done an incredible job bringing people together around mealtimes,” said Mike Salguero, founder and CEO of ButcherBox. “As a brand, our purpose is to help people eat better and while we’ve been focused on helping them eat higher-quality protein, now through the Truffle Shuffle integration, we can help inspire and educate the way they are preparing these proteins too.”

McKinney and Vorce appeared on the hit reality show, Shark Tank, in April 2021 and struck a deal with businessman Mark Cuban to propel the Truffle Shuffle business. Cuban walked away owning 18 percent of the business while McKinney and Vorce walked away with a slight business plan pivot and increased resources to help drive their business goals.
“Jason and Tyler are incredibly scrappy entrepreneurs and extremely talented chefs,” said Cuban. “It’s been a pleasure watching them expand their community of home chefs and seeing the impact they’ve had on so many households in such a short time. Their approach to teaching people to cook will continue to inspire the Truffle Shuffle community and be an invaluable tool to ButcherBox community too.”

Truffle Shuffle will continue to operate as its own brand while bringing its vast cooking content library to ButcherBox customers to enhance their cooking experiences too.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will Truffle Shuffle retain its brand identity after the acquisition?
Yes, Truffle Shuffle will continue to operate as its own brand, preserving its unique identity and cooking experience.

2. How will the acquisition affect existing Truffle Shuffle customers?
Existing Truffle Shuffle customers can expect an enhanced cooking experience with access to ButcherBox’s high-quality meat and seafood products.

3. Will there be any changes to Truffle Shuffle’s cooking classes and content?
Truffle Shuffle’s cooking classes and content will remain unchanged, offering the same high-quality experience to home chefs.

4. Can ButcherBox customers access Truffle Shuffle’s cooking content?
Yes, ButcherBox customers will have access to Truffle Shuffle’s extensive cooking content library, enriching their culinary journey.

5. What motivated ButcherBox to acquire Truffle Shuffle?

ButcherBox aims to inspire and educate consumers in preparing high-quality proteins, aligning with Truffle Shuffle’s mission to elevate home cooking experiences.
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