French Mother Sauces Course
French Mother Sauces Course
French Mother Sauces Course
French Mother Sauces Course
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French Mother Sauces Course

French Mother Sauces Course

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From the Chef

Are you ready to expand your culinary knowledge and enter the highest position in the brigade? This course is only for chefs committed to becoming a Truffle Shuffle certified saucier!

What to expect

Every Friday Apr 12th - May 10th at 4pm PT

For five weeks, Chef Tyler will guide you through the basic skills and techniques needed to elevate your sauces. Upon finishing the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion to showcase your culinary accomplishments. Keep in mind that you'll need to purchase your own ingredients for each class.

When will it arrive?

Each class's ingredients will be sent the week of the class. In the shopping list class, you'll get recipe cards for each week.

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Chef Tyler
Cook time: 120 Minutes
Servings: 2
Difficulty: Intermediate

Join Chef Tyler to master the five essential French mother sauces: Hollandaise, Tomato, Bechamel, Veloute, and Espagnole. Starting April 12th, embark on a five-week journey where you'll learn the secrets behind these iconic sauces and perfect your seasoning techniques.

Here's a taste of what you'll be cooking up:
🍳 Friday 4/12 at 4pm PT - Hollandaise
🍅 Friday 4/19 at 4pm PT - Tomato
🧀 Friday 4/26 at 4pm PT - Bechamel
🍲 Friday 5/3 at 4pm PT - Veloute
🥩 Friday 5/10 at 4pm PT - Espagnole

Get ready to elevate your cooking skills with recipes for each sauce, accompanying sides, and a weekly shopping list provided. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or just starting your culinary journey, this course promises to enrich your skills and deepen your appreciation for French cuisine. Sign up now and let Chef Tyler guide you to culinary mastery! 🥖🍷

What you'll learn

  • Learn the techniques behind each of the 5 French Mother Sauces
  • Hone your palate by diving deep into proper seasoning
  • Learn how to create Mother Sauce derivatives and garnishes

Mise En Place

Paper Towels
Chopping Board
Wooden Spoon
Large Pot with Lid
Sauce Pot