Balinese Truffle Salt
Balinese Truffle Salt
Balinese Truffle Salt
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Balinese Truffle Salt

Balinese Truffle Salt

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From the Chef

Elevate your pantry with our most popular product: Balinese Truffle Salt! Each jar is full of crisp and clean natural sea salt, directly sourced from an exclusive partnership with a family farm in Bali and artfully combined with authentic Black Truffle from France.

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Fall in love with Balinese Truffle Salt and embark on a journey of taste transformation.

Balinese Truffle Salt – the culinary essential that effortlessly elevates every dish. From eggs to seared meats, popcorn to pasta, this exquisite blend of black truffle and premium sea salt adds both flavor and a satisfying crunch. Incorporate it while cooking for a salty truffle infusion, then sprinkle it to finish, delivering a delightful textural contrast.