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This is a live interactive cooking class where you will learn how to prepare one of our amazing entrees with specialty ingredients prepped out by our Chefs and shipped directly to your door! Our Live Chefs will walk you through step by step to set you up for success for a fun insightful experience. Your kit comes with a complimentary cocktail/mocktail mixer that you can use to make a delicious beverage to pair with your meal. Have your favorite spirit or sparkling water on hand for mixing. The ingredients make two large portions of the entrée.

The Deadline to RSVP will be cut off on April 18th to ensure we give our Chefs the time they need to order and prep everything to arrive as fresh as possible

We ship within the continental US except for Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Hawaii. For guests outside of our shipping areas, we can provide a shopping list and Zoom details to join in the fun with your guests/team.

Please signify your dietary needs/restrictions, our team of Chefs can make some substitutions and provide suggested alternatives for more specialty requests so that you can incorporate your favorite alternative ingredients.


Once you have signed up on the registration form, here are the next steps:
📦STEP 1 Your Ingredient Kit Departs Week of Event!
Truffle Shuffle will send tracking info to your email the week of the class.
Your Food will be delivered the week of the event.
🍽️ STEP 2 Your kit reaches your doorstep!
Upon receiving your ingredient kit delivered straight to your doorstep, we recommend unboxing it immediately. Check the included printed recipe card to identify which items require refrigeration and the additional ingredients you will need to shop. Take a moment to gather and organize your mise en place, ensuring you have all the necessary tools ready for our class.
🖥️ STEP 3 Watch out for Truffle Shuffle's email!
Keep an eye out for a calendar invite email from Truffle Shuffle, which will contain the Zoom link for the class. You can expect to receive this invitation a week before the event, or possibly even earlier.
Prepare your mise en place and join the Zoom link 5 minutes before the class begins. Get ready for a fun and delicious experience!


About the recipe

Indulge in a culinary symphony with our Asparagus Gnocchi draped in opulent Black Truffle essence. Crafted with finesse, this dish begins by blending creamy ricotta with the earthy notes of Truffle Carpaccio, kissed by zestful lemon and Parmesan, forming delicate pillows of gnocchi dough. As the gnocchi dance in boiling water, fresh asparagus meets sizzling butter, creating a luscious bed of flavors. A decadent beurre monte elevates the sauce to velvety perfection, harmonizing with the gnocchi's tender embrace. Finished with a flourish, each plate is adorned with Truffle Carpaccio, Parmesan, and a vibrant bouquet of torn parsley and mint, inviting you to savor each luxurious bite. Surrender to the allure of this exquisite dish, where every forkful whispers tales of culinary sophistication and blissful indulgence.

📦 What's Included in Your Box?
Asparagus Risotto ingredients
Beverage mixer for 2
Please note that you will be shopping for the below ingredients for the recipe:
4oz spirit of choice or sparkling water for your beverage mixer.

Your Culinary Adventure Awaits! 🍽️✨

Truffle Shuffle is your ticket to culinary delight. We're passionate about crafting exceptional dining experiences, and our team of talented chefs is here to guide you through immersive cooking adventures. With carefully curated ingredient kits and live virtual classes, we bring the culinary world to your doorstep. Join us and savor the flavors of creativity, innovation, and shared culinary joy.
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Please feel free to reach out to jamesy@truffleshufflesf.com for any questions or should you need any assistance.