Cookbook Mystery Box
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Cookbook Mystery Box

Cookbook Mystery Box

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From the Chef

Chef Jason here, and I've got something exciting for you. Imagine receiving a box packed with amazing goodies right when May rolls around, just in time for the Truffle Shuffle Cookbook. Get ready to uncover a world of flavors that'll make your kitchen sizzle. This box is all about bringing joy to your cooking, with handpicked ingredients and surprises you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss out—order your May Mystery Box now and let's get cooking!

What to expect

Get ready for a culinary treat! Inside, you'll find top-quality ingredients perfect for crafting special dinners and thoughtful gifts. Just a heads up, this package doesn't include any classes or on-demand videos.

When will it arrive?

Expect your Mystery Box to arrive in early to mid-May, following the arrival of the cookbooks.

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Get ready for a culinary explosion because our Mystery Box is back, just in time for the cookbook release in May! Inside, you'll find a handpicked selection of top-quality ingredients and recipe cards to spark your kitchen adventures.

Each Box comes with a signed cookbook! But here's the real treat—we've stocked up on extra Truffle Shuffle goodies to help you bring the cookbook's dishes to life in your own kitchen!