Thanksgiving Extravaganza: All-Day Marathon

Wednesday the 22nd @ 12 noon PST

Cooking Class Agenda

  1. Welcome & Introduction

    • Brief overview of the menu
    • Introduction to the ingredients and kitchen tools needed
  2. How to Brine a Turkey

    • Follow along as we roast our beautifully brined turkey to perfection
  3. Classic Apple and Sage Stuffing

    • Preparation of ingredients
    • Mixing and baking process
    • Discuss variations and personal touches
  4. Tyler's Mom Whipped Potato Casserole

    • Step-by-step preparation of the casserole
    • Oven time and tips for a perfect crust
  5. New England Style Cranberry Sauce

    • Cooking cranberries and adding flavors
    • Presentation and storage tips
  6. Giblet Gravy

    • Using turkey giblets and drippings
    • Techniques for a smooth, flavorful gravy
  7. Q&A and Wrap-Up

    • Answer questions from the audience
    • Recap of the key points from each dish
    • Thank participants and provide information on accessing recipes and the class recordin

Your Cooking Adventure Awaits! 🍁👩‍🍳

Your All-in-One Guide: We've got you covered for the ultimate Thanksgiving Cooking experience! Inside your Gobble Guide, you'll find:

The Shopping List: All the yummy ingredients you need are listed here. From fresh veggies to savory spices, we make sure you're ready to cook up a storm!

The Recipe Card: Flip over to find easy-to-follow recipes, perfect for crafting a delightful Thanksgiving feast. Each step is simple and fun, ensuring a deliciously successful Gobblepalooza!

Let's get cooking, laughing, and creating unforgettable Thanksgiving memories!

Missed the class? Catch the Magic Replay! 🎥🍂

Couldn't join us live? No worries! Click here to watch the Gobblepalooza cooking class recording from last year. Relive the fun, learn the recipes, and cook at your own pace. It's all the joy of Gobblepalooza, anytime you want!

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