Difficulty: Medium

Chef Tucker’s Next Level Course

Join Chef Tucker's Next Level Course and elevate your culinary prowess! Learn essential skills such as setting up your kitchen station, mastering your knife roll, and delve into specialized areas like Pasta and Butchery Mastery.

Chef Tucker

Welcome To Tucker's Course

2. Chef Tucker's Course: Mise En Place
In this chapter, Tucker explains how to properly set up your station and talks through Mise en Place, the tools that lead you to success in your kitchen.

Pasta Mastery

1. Pasta Garganelli alla Vodka Class
Chef Tucker here! Learn and cook with me as I teach you an Italian recipe that is near and dear to my heart. I will be sharing one of my Nonna's recipes and bringing in new pasta techniques to make the traditional Garganelli - it is similar to penne but with a visible flap that makes them homey and cute. Finish it up with a creamy and delicious vodka sauce and shake up some delicious cocktails as usual!!

Butchery Mastery

1. Butchering a Fish Class
Chef Tucker here! Unlock the secrets of fish butchery and elevate your culinary skills in this hands-on and flavorful experience. Join me as we dive into the art of handling and preparing various fish cuts while mastering the creation of a delectable cheesy orzo accompaniment.
2. Filet Mignon & Red Wine Reduction Class
Chef Tucker here! Indulge in the epitome of culinary delight with our Filet Mignon & Red Wine Reduction dish! Juicy, tender filet mignon dances on your taste buds while the rich red wine reduction plays a symphony of flavors. It's a match made in foodie heaven, guaranteed to have you savoring every luxurious bite!
3. Tuck’s Duck & Warm Farro Salad Class
Chef Tucker here! Learn how to pan-sear duck breast like a pro, just like we did at Michelin-starred kitchens: we'll score and render and baste and flip so the skin gets nice and crispy, and the meat stays super tender. From there, we'll serve your beautiful duck alongside a delicious warm Farro Salad with my favorite Dijon and Truffle Honey Vinaigrette!

Chef Tucker’s Best Dishes from Around the World

1. Pork Belly Adobo Class
Chef Tucker here! I wanted to highlight one of the signature dishes of the Philippines… Adobo! I’ve got all the hot tips and tricks to make this the most flavor packed adobo you’ve ever made! Our focuses here are proper meat cookery, Filipino inspired flavors, and building community. 🇵🇭
2. Korean BBQ Short Ribs Class
Chef Tucker here! Devour your foodie bucket list with the planet's iconic food and recipes! On this trip, we’re headed off to Korea with some Korean Short Ribs! They’re thinly sliced on the bone and super scrumptious. Learn to make a Korean BBQ-style sauce over some beautifully steamed rice and all the accompaniments for the best Korean rice bowl in your very own kitchen!
4. Empanadas with Chimichurri Class
Chef Tucker here! So stoked to bust out some beautiful empanadas with you in this on-demand class! We’re going to hand fold these beautiful, golden brown and delicious empanadas and serve them up with a chimichurri sauce like you’ve never had before!!