Do you want to be a certified badass in the kitchen?

Badass Chef Course

The only right answer is yes chef! This course is made for two types of people. Those that are already talented in the kitchen and want to level up and those that want to start their journey to being badass.

Own the kitchen with top-tier skills

Sharp Knife Skills

Love the way your knife cuts through anything, just like the first time you bought it.

With Sauté Skills

Love the way you know how to use a pan and the heat of the stove. Be one with the force.

Butchery Skills

Slay the fish, chicken, and anything else that comes into the kitchen.

Secret Recipes

Love life, love cooking, and love your recipes.

A message from your future chefs

Dear Food Loving Couples Everywhere,

We're Chef Jason and Chef Tyler, and we're inviting you to embark on a culinary adventure with our "Chef From Scratch" course. Imagine crafting dazzling dishes that bring joy and satisfaction; not just to your taste buds but to your entire cooking experience! Our course is packed with love, care, and a sprinkle of fun. Designed to ignite your passion for cooking, regardless of your current skill level. Each week, you’ll gain not only new techniques, but also the confidence and creativity that comes with truly understanding the art of cooking.

We believe so strongly in the transformative power of our course that we offer a guarantee: if by the end of the 10-week journey you don’t feel a significant improvement in your culinary abilities, we will happily refund your investment. It’s more than just a course; it’s an opportunity to change the way you cook and experience food. Join us on this journey; it’s a decision we promise will be a highlight in your culinary adventures.

Bon Appétit,

Chef Jason and Chef Tyler

Become a Badass Chef Today

$995 For a lifetime of education
  • Limited Release Apron
  • Foam Thumbs
  • Recipe Guide Book
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  • 1-Year Access to all classes
  • Unlimited Culinary Potential!!!

Chef From Scratch

Class Schedule

Week 1: Knife Wielding Wizards

Introduction to Knife Skills (Knife Skills Basics Class)
Ever wanted to chop like a ninja? Week 1 is all about turning you into a kitchen samurai with some cool knife skills. Learn to slice and dice without losing a finger!

Group 2: April 7th

Week 2: Sharpen Up!

How to Sharpen a Knife (Knife Sharpening Class)
Dull knives are a chef's worst nightmare. In Week 2, we're turning you into a sharpness superhero, ready to sharpen any blade in your kitchen arsenal!

Group 2: Apr 14th

Week 3: Secret Seasonings

Seasoning and Stocks Basics (French Onion Soup)
Soup's up in Week 3! Discover the magic of seasoning and learn how to make stocks that would make a chef cry... tears of joy, of course!

Group 2: April 21st

Week 4: Saucy Skills

Introduction to Classic French Mother Sauces (Mac n Cheese Class)
Get ready to get saucy in Week 4! We're diving into the world of classic French mother sauces with a cheesy twist – the ultimate mac n cheese.

Group 2: Apr 28th

Week 5: Pasta Party

Everything that you want to learn about fresh pasta we are going to teach you!!

Group 2: May 5th

Week 6: Steak Stars

How to Cook the Perfect Steak (Steak Frites)
Week 6 is all about mastering the art of steak. Learn the secrets to cooking steak so good, it'll make your taste buds do a happy dance!

Group 2: May 12th

Week 7: Chicken Champions

Chicken Butchery Basics (Fried Chicken Class)
Fried chicken fans unite in Week 7! We’re slicing, dicing, and frying our way to crispy, juicy perfection. Get ready to rule the roost!

Group 2: May 19th

Week 8: Fantastic Fish

Fish Butchery Basics (Fish Butchery Class)
Dive into Week 8 where you'll become a fish-cutting master. It's all about making the perfect cut, so your fish dishes are off the hook!

Group 2: May 26th

Week 9: Braising Bosses

Advanced Skills - Braising Basics (Red Wine Braised Short Ribs)
Week 9 is where things heat up with braising! Learn to slow-cook short ribs to tender, flavorful perfection. Warning: may cause uncontrollable drooling!

Group 2: Jun 2nd

Week 10: Gourmet Greats

Advanced Skills and Graduation Dinner - Gourmet Dishes (Beef Wellington)
Week 10 is the big finale! You’re cooking up a storm with Beef Wellington to show off your new gourmet skills. Get ready for applause and maybe even a standing ovation!

Group 2: Jun 9th

Class schedule doesn't work for you?

No worries! Jump into our on-demand cooking course and cook along at your own pace! Check it out now and get ready to spice up your kitchen adventures! 🌟🍳

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of cooking experience is required to join the course?

"No prior cooking experience is necessary! 'Chef From Scratch' is designed for everyone, from complete beginners to those with some kitchen experience. Our goal is to build your skills week by week in a fun and supportive environment."

What kind of equipment and ingredients will I need?

"You'll need basic kitchen equipment like pots, pans, a good chef's knife, and a cutting board. For each class, we'll provide a list of ingredients and any special equipment needed in advance, so you'll have plenty of time to get ready for our cooking adventures!"

Are the classes live, or can I watch them on my own time?

"To provide flexibility, our classes are a mix of live sessions and pre-recorded lessons. Live sessions offer real-time interaction with instructors, while recorded lessons can be watched at your convenience. All live sessions are also recorded for later viewing."

What do I get with a Truffle Shuffle membership?

As a member, you gain access to:

  • Shop luxury ingredients kit and products vetted by chefs
  • Class ingredient kits
  • Truffle Products
  • Additional premium products such as wagyu & caviar
  • Affiliate links to quality pots and pans
  • A foodie and chef community
  • Online forums and events
  • Annual culinary trips
  • Comprehensive culinary education and access
  • Livestream and on-demand classes
  • Exclusive culinary academy courses

What happens if I miss a live class session?

"No worries! All live sessions are recorded and made available for you to watch at a later time. You'll have access to all course materials throughout the course, so you can catch up whenever it's convenient for you."

Will I receive anything upon completing the course?

"Absolutely! Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion to celebrate your new culinary skills. You'll also have a collection of fantastic recipes and the confidence to create delicious meals on your own!"

Should I take this course?

Yes Chef!!!!

When are the classes?

The first class will be the third Sunday in January and will be every Sunday after.

Is this course worth $995?

Yes. I guarantee you that after the first class that you take with us if you do not get your money's worth we will give you a full refund.

We know it is worth this because we have the most experience on this planet teaching people how to cook.

We have designed this course after years of teaching people how to cook and learning what makes them confident in the kitchen.