Are you already pretty badass in the kitchen?

Introducing The Really Badass Chef Course

A five-week live cooking series featuring Julia Child’s hardest and most delicious recipes with Chefs Jason and Tyler of Truffle Shuffle.

Cook Like Julia

Master Julia's top five recipes

Learn the art of French Cooking with Julia's toughest and most delicious dishes.

Learn the history of Julia Child

Dive into the fascinating story of Julia Child and her successful culinary journey.

Enjoy a French feast at home

Imagine what it would be like if every Saturday you'll have a French feast at home.

The Really Badass Chef

Class Schedule

Week 1: French Culinary Basics Starting with Breakfast!

Dive into the world of homemade quiche with simple steps, guided by the spirit of culinary legend Julia Child. Elevate your skills and savor the joy of creating a flavorful masterpiece to share with loved ones!

Schedule: April 6th at 3 PM PT

Week 2: Irresistible Sole Meuniere

Discover the joy of making Irresistible Sole Meunière in this course. Inspired by Julia Child, this recipe combines simple steps with amazing flavors. Elevate your dining experience with a perfectly cooked sole in a delicious buttery sauce. Enjoy the pleasure of creating and savoring this irresistibly tasty dish – it's simple, flavorful, and sure to delight your taste buds!

Schedule: April 13th at 3 PM PT

Week 3: Luxurious Lobster Thermidor

Learn the art of creating this indulgent classic with our simple steps. Elevate your home-cooking skills as you transform lobster into a rich, creamy delight, reminiscent of the finest dining experiences. Delight in the luxurious flavors and savor the joy of creating an impressive meal that's sure to captivate every palate!

Schedule: April 20th at 3 PM PT

Week 4: Hearty Duck Cassoulet

Explore the world of tasty comfort with our straightforward steps inspired by classic recipes. Enjoy creating this heartwarming dish that blends rich flavors with easy techniques. Elevate your cooking skills and savor the deliciousness of Duck Cassoulet – a comforting masterpiece that's both simple and satisfying.

Schedule: April 27th at 3 PM PT

Week 5: Effortless Veal Ossobucco

Unlock the joy of making this tasty dish with tender veal and a rich mix of flavors. Inspired by classic tastes, learn how to cook this well-loved recipe, known for its deliciousness and enjoyed by many.

Schedule: May 4th at 3 PM PT

A message from your really badass chefs

Hey Culinary Daredevils!

Get ready for an epic 5-week adventure with Julia Child's most exhilarating recipes in our special series! Julia wasn't just a chef; she was a culinary pioneer who taught the world to love cooking. We're celebrating her legacy at Truffle Shuffle with her toughest and most tantalizing creations. Perfect for kitchen warriors of all stripes - whether flying solo or teaming up - this series is your ticket to a gourmet time-travel to 1912 Paris. Brace yourselves for a delicious challenge that's sure to ignite your culinary passion.

Join us, and let's cook like legends!

Chef Jason & Chef Tyler 🍴🌟

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of cooking experience is required to join the course?

Dive into the world of culinary elegance with the 'Really Badass Chef Course with Julia Child,' perfect for chefs of all levels! From novices to seasoned cooks, this course is tailored to enhance your skills, immerse you in classic French cuisine, and inspire your culinary journey in a delightful and engaging setting. 🍽️🇫🇷

What kind of equipment and ingredients will I need?

"You'll need basic kitchen equipment like pots, pans, a good chef's knife, and a cutting board. For each class, we'll provide a list of ingredients and any special equipment needed in advance, so you'll have plenty of time to get ready for our cooking adventures!"

Are the classes live, or can I watch them on my own time?

"To provide flexibility, our classes are a mix of live sessions and pre-recorded lessons. Live sessions offer real-time interaction with instructors, while recorded lessons can be watched at your convenience. All live sessions are also recorded for later viewing."

What happens if I miss a live class session?

"No worries! All live sessions are recorded and made available for you to watch at a later time. You'll have access to all course materials throughout the course, so you can catch up whenever it's convenient for you."

Will I receive anything upon completing the course?

"Absolutely! Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion to celebrate your new culinary skills. You'll also have a collection of fantastic recipes and the confidence to create delicious meals on your own!"

Should I take this course?

Yes Chef!!!!

Is this course worth $599

Yes. I guarantee you that after the first class that you take with us if you do not get your money's worth we will give you a full refund.

We know it is worth this because we have the most experience on this planet teaching people how to cook.

We have designed this course after years of teaching people how to cook and learning what makes them confident in the kitchen.