Beer-Battered Fish & Truffle Chips

Beer-Battered Fish & Truffle Chips

Cook time: 60 mins
Servings: 2-3
Difficulty: Intermediate

Get ready to dive into the deep blue with our Beer-Battered Fish & Truffle Chips. We've taken flaky white fish fillets and coated them in a light, crispy beer batter, creating a symphony of textures with every bite. And the chips? Well, they're not your average chips. These golden wonders are seasoned with the earthy goodness of Balinese Truffle Salt, making them utterly irresistible. It's a match made in seafood heaven! 

What you'll learn

  • Create the perfect beer batter that results in a crispy coating of the fish.
  • Make the most delicious tartar sauce and cabbage slaw from scratch.
  • Learn how to control the oil temperature and time the frying process to achieve a crispy, golden-brown exterior and a moist interior.

Mise En Place

Large Bowl
Paper Towels
Chopping Board
Slotted Spoon
Large Pot with Lid
Aluminum Foil
Sheet Tray